All I Really Need to Know…I Learned from Pastor’s Pals

 All I Really Need to Know…I Learned from Pastor’s Pals

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Although it’s become less common in recent years, Pastor’s Pals was a tradition in several churches we attended over the years. It was a short time, usually less than five minutes, early in the worship service when our pastor would invite the young children to come forward. The pastor would typically sit on the stairs to the alter with the kids sitting around him, then share a brief story or lesson that emphasized Biblical truths. Although the Pastor’s Pals lesson was directed at our children, I usually found that these simple stories and demonstrations conveyed profound messages directly applicable to my daily walk with God. So I started writing them down.

In 1988 Robert Fulghum published a book titled “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” The premise of the book, which is still popular today, was that some of the most basic aspects of life provide us with some of the most profound lessons we need to learn. I think that premise applies to Pastor’s Pals as well (thus, the title of this page). Those simple Biblical truths, presented such that a child could easily understand them, conveyed some of the most crucial lessons for all of God’s children…young and old. I realized that all I really need to know, I learned in Pastor’s Pals.

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