Updated Website & Plans for 2017!

Happy Day!

Here are a couple of quick updates as we get ready to kick off 52 Week Challenge for 2017:

  • We’ve updated the website! Please check it out here and send us your suggestions for improvement.
  • Our plan for 2017 is to start with the same foundational verses (why we study God’s Word & God’s plan for salvation) we used in 2016, then mix in some new verses throughout the year. Whether you learned all 52 last year or a smaller subset, you’re already ahead of the game for 2017!
  • If you have a favorite verse you’d like to see included this year, we’d love to hear your suggestions.  Please send them our way and we’ll try to work them in. Even more, if you might be interested in guest-writing the post that goes with that verse…let us know.
  • We’ll “officially” post the first verse for 2017 on January 7, but it’s already available here if you’d like to take a look (it will look very familiar 🙂 ).
  • Finally, we’ll send out a separate 52 Week Challenge email that you can share with your family, friends, church groups, etc. if you’d like to challenge them for 2017.  Look for it soon.

We’re always anxious to hear your feedback and recommendations. Feel free to send us a note anytime at support@life323.com or use our Contact Us link if you’d like to pass anything along.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all the best in 2017!

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